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Beau Rivage in Mississippi
Beau Rivage in Mississippi

Playing Craps at the Beau Rivage in Mississippi

Mississippi has more than 30 casinos for players to choose from, with more casinos than Atlantic City, New Jersey or even Reno, Nevada. The Gulf Coast has a long history of gambling dating back more than two-hundred years, and a full casino called the Isle of Caprice Hotel and Resort was built on Dog Key in 1926. Although it was later destroyed by the area’s harsh winter storms, honky-tonks and hotels along the coast offered legal slot machines well into the 1950’s and when U.S. Highway 90 opened, the four-lane expressway provided easy travel and nightclubs boasted top-notch entertainment like Hank William Sr. and Elvis Presley.

Casino-style gaming was eventually outlawed in Mississippi, but after several decades of declining incomes and troublesome unemployment, the state once again legalized gambling in 1990. Fittingly, the new Isle of Caprice casino was the first casino in Biloxi to welcome guests under the Mississippi Gaming Control Act. If you want to gamble at a Las Vegas style resort, there are several in Mississippi, but Biloxi has the most casinos with 11. Many of them are right on U.S. Highway 90 on the coast. If you are driving, don’t freak out if you suddenly see a sign for Philadelphia. Yes, there is a Philadelphia, Mississippi, and there are two casinos there.

The Beau Rivage

The Beau Rivage opened in 1999 and is arguably the nicest casino resort in the state. With 1740 rooms, 2000+ slots, and over 100 table games, the 85,000 square foot casino rivals most any property in the US with the exception of a few megaresorts in Las Vegas. And, the amenities, golf, and boat charters make it a popular choice for travelers. The property is located at 875 Beach Blvd., (228) 386-7111.

Any stay at the Beau Rivage is likely to be very nice. The Resort is well-appointed; there are numerous restaurants and bars, pools, a spa, a fitness room, and a staff of fairly nice employees. You will need to get used to some things at Mississippi casinos, and that’s a full range of emotions from both dealers and players. The number of great interactions is reasonable, but asking for extra towels for the rooms to getting some advice on the craps game can bring reactions running from sweet to sullen to surly in a single conversation.

Craps at the Beau Rivage

Mississippi casinos offer a range of bets you won’t find in other gaming jurisdictions, like All-Tall-Small, Fire Bet, and Crapless Craps. And, casinos change their games regularly, so you may find a bet available one trip but not the next.

If you haven’t tried the All – Small –Tall wager, it’s a bet that the dice will total each number before a seven-out. The small wager pays 35-1 if the numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 roll before 7. The tall wager pays the same 35-1 if 12, 11, 10, 9, 8 roll before 7. The all wager pays 176 to 1 if all the numbers roll before 7.

This side-bet must be administered by the boxman, keeping track of bets and the numbers rolled. They hate it. The house edge is slightly over 5% on the small and tall, over 7% on the all.

The Fire Bet is a wager that a shooter will make at least four point numbers in a row before sevening-out. To make this bet you simply place your wager in the small circle designated “Fire Bet” and the dealer will take care of the rest. The wager pays 25 for 1 when 4 numbers hit, 100 for 1 when 5 numbers hit, and 1000 for 1 when 6 numbers hit. That’s making your point, not just hitting those numbers! The house edge is about 20% on this wager, so yes; you now know how hard it is to make six or more points in a row!

As for Crapless Craps, if you haven’t ever played, the house edge is about 5.4% and the game may make you slightly crazy. You can’t lose on the come-out roll because there are no “craps” numbers. If you roll a 2, 3, or 12 it becomes your point. Yeah, try making another 12! If you roll an 11 on the come-out, it also becomes your point. Have fun.

The Beau Rivage has a dozen, 12-foot long craps tables, and offers 10x odds. Some casinos in Mississippi offer 20x odds, off and on, so you won’t know what you’ll get until you arrive. Either offering is great. The 10x odds can play havoc on your bankroll if you fully bank even a few bad points in a row with a $25 or $50 line bet. You’ll have to decide whether to use a small pass line bet, or bet more and start with double or triple odds before working your way up to the full 10x.

You can expect two or three craps games to be open (although not always in action) at most hours. A minimum bet of $10 is standard and $5 is unlikely. Even at the $10 game there are likely to be several players who buy-in for just $100 or $200, just like at a blackjack game.

The Craps Dealers

The quality of your craps experience is likely to be reflected by the ability and friendliness of the dealers on your game. Fortunately, the Beau Rivage offers a top-notch experience. There might be some laughter and bantering in the early morning hours, but the afternoon and evening games are more serious. As the action heats up, so do the dealers, and while they will be cordial and friendly, they are more interested in business than entertainment. For most craps players that’s fine.

If you are into dice setting, you’ll get some leeway at the Beau. The boxmen allow time for shooters to set the dice, and don’t squawk if the dice don’t smack the far wall every roll, as long as the dice get lobbed most of the way and they seem to tumble after hitting the layout. The layouts themselves are fairly hard, not bouncy, but the dice don’t settle immediately, so keeping the correct axis is important for decent dice control.

The dealers get plenty of rolls in without running over the players, but you’ll want to get your bets in early. You don’t have to wait until a point is established to join the game or get change, just wait for the stickman to move the current pair to the middle of the table, and then make your wagers.

The Beau Rivage does have a high limit gaming area, but craps is not offered there. Whether you are playing in that room or on the main casino floor, you can take advantage of marker play and short-term free credit by filling out an application. Based on Mississippi laws, your marker action is considered the same as simply writing a check. If you don’t pay your marker within a timely manner it may be presented for collection. If it does not clear your bank, it will be handled as a bad check. Be careful with your credit play.

If you are staying at the Beau, you can expect your room to be as nice as any upscale hotel, but with rates that start at just over $100. Comp rates at the casino are industry standard and the resort is owned by MGM. This means you can use your M-Life card and points, even if they were earned at another property in another state.

While the Gulf Coast outside your window may offer everything you want during your stay at the resort and in Biloxi, don’t forget there are 30 more casinos in the state, and New Orleans is just 102 miles away!

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