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A Complete Guide to how Craps Players Can Take Advantage of Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Smart players can profit from online Craps by taking advantage of casino bonus offers. As the online casino market becomes more and more competitive sites try to stand apart from each other by offering generous bonus offers to entice and keep their players. These offers can vary wildly so it pays to check through the terms and conditions.

In this guide to Craps bonuses you can find a summary of the different bonus deals US facing casinos offer. This starts with the headline sign-up bonuses that you can find splashed everywhere – followed by Ongoing Bonuses and Loyalty Programs. While bonuses for Craps players are few and far between I also list the best value promotions as I go along.

Craps Sign-Up Bonuses – Looking at the Detail behind the Big Numbers

What appear to be very generous sign-up bonuses are easily found on a casino’s homepage or on any advert for the site. These are normally around 100% matches up to $1000, although larger amounts are often available for multiple deposits.

Players who enjoy playing a range of games used to be able to hop from site to site to take advantage of these. They were able to play low house edge games, such as Craps, to make their money last longer and profit off the hot streaks when they came. Now many casinos have restricted the play on games like Craps or Roulette because of this, instead preferring to focus offer on high house edge games, particularly Slots.

If you wish to clear these bonuses, even though they may not permit Craps, be sure to check the terms and conditions – as even rolling once at the Craps table may invalidate your whole bonus. While this can be a problem on some sites for the vast majority your play simply will not count towards clearing the bonus. The play-though amount to clear bonuses can also vary a lot, so again this requires checking. Some sites require wagering 25x the bonus and deposit amount, while others can be 60x or even higher.

By looking out you may find the odd site that allows Craps to clear at least a percentage of the play-through. 3Dice is one such example, offering new players 110% up to $100 and allowing Craps play to clear 25% of the 30x play-through. While this is low compared to some sites, there are High Roller bonuses which can credit your account with around 50% more up to $500 for play purposes. The fact 3Dice allows Craps play to count is great and the low total play-through means this should be relatively straightforward for most Craps players to clear with only a basic knowledge of other games.

Ongoing Bonuses – How Good Sites Offer Regular Craps Players Value

In order to keep their valued players many sites offer regular reload bonuses. These can occur each week or even daily in some cases. If your chosen site is not offering these extra bonuses, there are many sites that do. You really need to ask yourself if it’s worth continuing to play there – not switching may literally be costing you money!

Often these bonus offers have similar terms and conditions to the sign up bonus, meaning that if you only want to play Craps this is not such as big deal. It still pays to keep an eye on different casino offers as they come out. Even if the sign-up bonus excludes Craps you may find ongoing bonuses that welcome the game.

One example is Lucky Red Casino which offers daily cash back bonuses and daily deposit bonuses up to 70%. You will need to check out their weekly schedule as the games and terms change each day, although for at least 3 days a week they include “All Game” bonuses. These normally require a 25x play-through of deposit and bonus. You can also get small amounts of money added to your account with deposits, which can be instantly used and only require play-through to be released for withdrawal.

Loyalty Programs – Getting Rewarded for Playing Craps

One area where most Craps players can benefit is the loyalty programs which the sites offer. These are similar to Comps promotions used at brick and mortar casinos. They keep track of how much you pay and reward you based on how much you have wagered. These will likely not make you rich anytime soon, although they do add a little boost to your bankroll to allow you a bit more time to run hot.

Bovada offer one of the best loyalty programs for US players. Craps wagers are awarded 2 points for every $10 and can be redeemed at $1 per 500 points. Other games can also be played alongside and offer a better earn rate under this scheme.

All real money players are generally automatically enrolled on a casinos loyalty program. While it is true this is free money no matter what the rate is, you should still check the terms to ensure you take advantage of the best deals – there are sites which need over $7000 gambled before paying up a single dollar.

Summing Up: The Extra Value You Can Find When Playing Craps

Savvy players can seriously add a boost to their bankroll by taking advantage of bonus offers, especially in low house edge games. While these bonuses will not guarantee you long-term profits, they do allow you do enjoy the games for longer and enjoy short-term upswings.

Unfortunately many US facing casinos are now reluctant to offer bonuses for Craps games because of the low edge they get. By keeping your eyes open to new sites and promotions in addition to spreading your play over a number of rooms, you should be able to spot good value offers where the decent casinos reward their valued players.

As things stand, the 3Dice casino has the best Craps-friendly welcome bonus, check them out for yourself today.

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