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A Guide to Mobile Casino Games for US Craps Players

Mobile technology has advanced considerably in recent years. Now almost everyone is carrying smartphones, which are way more powerful than your home computer was a mere 5 years ago. Online Casino sites have accepted this trend with enthusiasm and some of the most exciting software developments now allow you to play Craps anytime, anywhere on your smartphone or tablet. In this look at mobile Craps games for US players, I have first covered the wide range of devices you can use to play mobile casino games. Then you can find out how to get hold of the Apps to gain access to the games. Some sites not offering Apps do offer in-browser play and this is covered briefly before finding out where you can enjoy the best mobile Craps.

Phones and Tablets Used to Play Mobile Casinos

Apple really shook up the smartphone market in 2007 with the launch of the iPhone and then revived the tablet market in 2010 with their iPad. The clear displays and intuitive controls, along with their slick design and powerful capabilities made these an instant success. Despite Apple’s slow acceptance of gambling apps a wide range of options are now available both to download and play in the browser of your device. Apple devices will not support Flash games without a 3rd party plug-in. Android devices provide the main competition to Apple. The Android operating system is owned and developed by Google and has encouraged innovation of both software creators and device manufacturers. Samsung, Sony Erikson and LG have all created some great alternatives to Apple’s phones and tablets which use the Android OS. A key difference with the software is that app designers do not need the approval of Google before release, which Apple demands. You can enjoy Craps on Android via apps, or in your browser using Flash or HTML5 technology. Other notable platforms are Blackberry and Windows. While you can find casino software for both due to either rapid decline in users in Blackberry’s case, or a failure to capture the markets imagination on the part of Windows, your options may be limited compared to using an Apple or Android devices.

Where to Find Mobile Craps Apps

In order to play Craps on your phone or tablet you must first get hold of the App. This can either be found in the online shop for your device or via your chosen casino’s website. With a large variety of apps in the stores, many by unheard of suppliers or offering play money games, even searching a specific name may not get the result you want, so if you know which casinos you wish to play at going directly to the site in your device’s browser is normally the best option. I find searching the Apple app store for gambling app is more effective on Google than using the internal app store search. When you land on their homepage normally you will find a site configured for mobile use and a prompt may even come up inviting you to download the software. If this does not happen and you cannot find the download, checking the FAQs or quickly asking Customer Support should help you with this. It must be quickly noted that no legitimate online casino will charge for an app to play on their site.

Playing Mobile Craps in Your Browser

A problem US Craps players encounter is a limited supply of online casinos with mobile apps. Often sites will allow play from your devices browser, normally through their mobile-optimized site. This generally looks and behaves in a similar way to their app, although is not always as stable and may not solve the issue if the site does not support mobile play at all. If your chosen casino site has an Instant Play option on their main webpage, you may be able to access this on your devices browser. Here you should be able get onto all the games you can normally play on your laptop or home computer’s browser. Unfortunately there are limitations especially these are powered by Flash, which will not work on Apple products without a 3rd party plug-in. You may also find the web page insists on automatically redirecting you to a mobile page, not displaying the Instant Play option for users of smaller screened devices.

Sites with Mobile Craps Games

An unfortunate trend has currently seen many online casinos opting to fill their mobile apps and websites with a large number of Slots games. While these provide an exciting experience in their own right they do not offer the challenge and low house edge of Craps. For a while Real Time Gaming, who provide software to sites like Bovada and Loco Panda did offer Craps in their mobile client however this is no longer the case. Other sites such as Mandarin Palace and Lucky Red look as if they could have Craps on their mobile site, although the only table games they offer are Blackjack and Roulette (see this mobile Roulette guide). Miami Club Casino is one site which does not redirect to a mobile version and allows you to access their Instant Play options from your phone browser. This option is Flash powered and will not run on an iPhone, although you can download separate apps to an iPad to run this software. You may also be able to change your device settings to prevent redirections to mobile site allowing you to use the Instant Play option on others such as

Your Choices for Mobile Craps Summed Up

There are many devices, once considered hi-tech which now play a part in our everyday lives. Having embraced this – the mobile market is a growing and exciting area for online casinos. While Craps games for US facing sites are limited at the moment, as the market and demand grows it is hoped more options will be available. In the meantime Android users can easily gain access to the Craps games at Miami Club Casino. You can check out the full review of the site here

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