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Craps is the world’s most exciting table game, and is the most complete online site for learning the ins and outs of the game. If you are new to dice as played in casinos and online, give our easy to follow guide on how to play craps a look. If you already know the game, great, you’ll probably want to start with some advanced betting systems and programs that take advantage of the best bets on the craps layout. And, you’ll probably find out guide to the language of the craps game a good refresher, perhaps come across a few sayings and bets you didn’t even know existed. For those of you who really want to learn the game before you hit the casino, this is the place! Learn the rules, the lingo, how to make bets, how to play online and what sites offer, and of course what craps is like in the mega-gambling capitals of Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City, and few of the best individual casinos across the US. Keep reading and we’ll make you an expert at craps in no time!


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The History of Craps

The game of dice has been around for a long time, so long that the Bible claims that Roman soldiers drew lots (the casting of dice) at the foot of the cross of Jesus. Talk about an ancient game! Those dice were sometimes made from animal knuckle bones, but dice from the same time period have also been found made into nearly perfect cubes with the numbers one through six carved into their sides from larger bones, and there you have it: the reason you’ll hear “throw the bones” at a craps game. In more recent times the game made a significant impact on US soldiers who learned the game from their buddies on ships and in fox holes, and those same men (and a few women) came home and couldn’t wait to hit Nevada and try their luck at the game in big casinos like the Flamingo, the Dunes, and the Sands.

How to Play Craps

Craps is a fairly simple game if you learn to play the pass line and take odds, but that’s just scratching the surface of the game. Players love the game because there are dozens and dozens of bets you can make on any roll of the dice, but while some have a small house edge, others have to be made in moderation because the player takes too much the worst of it to get through a playing session without going broke. On the first roll of a new hand (yup, it’s called a hand, just like in blackjack), the shooter makes a bet on the pass line to make their point or win immediately on 7 or 11. If the shooter wants to bet against the dice, they make a bet on the don’t pass line and hopes to not make their point or to win immediately on a roll a 2, or 3 (the 12 is usually a push on the don’t pass line) to start. An interesting aspect of craps is that everyone on the table can make their own bets for, or against the shooter, and that makes for some screaming good times. Ready to play? Just make that first bet, choose two dice, and let’em fly. Or, read on and find out what’s really going on at the craps table and find the best way to wager on the place bets, take odds, bet the horn, hard ways, field, big six, and much more.

Craps Glossary

If you wander past a craps game and hear “Coming-out, horn-high, low, yo, any craps bets?” from a guy waving a stick in the air, what are you going to think? Maybe you ought to give the guy some room, he sounds crazy, right? Well, like a carnival barker attracts a crowd to the big tent, the stickman on a crap game has to attract players to play dice, and he has to entice players to make proposition bets where the house edge is larger than those boring bets like the pass line where the edge is just 1.41% So, don’t feel bad if you don’t know the lingo, just check out our craps glossary and get up to date on what those guys are talking about.

The House Advantage

Sure, the house has the advantage at the craps table, but you’ll be happy to know that the odds on the pass and don’t pass line is very small, just about 1.41%, and that bet can stay in action for a whole bunch of rolls. Of course that’s the problem, while the shooter keeps rolling them bones, you’ll want to make a few other bets, and you better choose wisely. That’s where knowing the house advantage and craps odds will save you a bundle. Read all about it under the House Advantage link!

Craps Bets Explained

There are so many bets on a craps table that many aren’t even listed on the layout. And, unfortunately, the best bets, and certainly not the worst bets, don’t show their colors (or their odds) on the layout either. Sure, you can see the “Field” has a bunch of numbers that win, but what about that big red 6 and 8? Is the wager a single roll of the dice, or can it keep winning every roll? When does it loose? Those are good questions, and that’s why we are here. Follow the link to Craps Bets Explained to learn much, much more.

Craps Strategy

Some people play craps by just sidling up to the game and tossing their cash on the pass line and hoping for the best. Others want to exercise some strategy, either an aggressive style that can bust the game wide-open or a cautious style that insures a likely small loss or win for the night. Whatever your plan, you better have one before you play dice, and we have plenty to choose from. Take a look at Craps Strategy for more ideas.

Dice Control

Dice control is a controversial method of handling and throwing the dice on a craps table to try and ensure a winning number. While some players achieve great results with dice control, others practice in vain for years trying to perfect their throws. Are the winners just lucky, or has their practice paid off big time? You’ll have to read the history and results and draw your own conclusions.

Playing Craps Online

Online casinos know the game of craps can be played with a very small house advantage, so many bonuses offered for slot players don’t apply at craps, but there are still some good offers available, and the games are often an excellent way to enjoy dice. In fact, many online craps games have virtually every feature that a game in Las Vegas offers, except for free drinks and blond waitresses. However, you might want to brush up on just what to expect at an online casino when you goal is pass some time playing craps.

Craps in Las Vegas

In Nevada, there are no bigger craps games than in Las Vegas. Big casinos have more than a dozen games to choose from and limits from $5 to as high as $25,000. Ever seen a player with $1 million in the rack and on the layout? Happens all the time in Sin City. Read on to learn more about what Las Vegas has to offer for craps players.

Craps in Atlantic City

Atlantic City was the second gaming venue legalized in the United States after Nevada held the distinction of being the only game in town for decades. When gaming opened on the Jersey Shore in 1978 blackjack was an instant hit, and so were the slots, but the hardcore gamblers hit the craps tables like a swarm of hungry locusts and they haven’t gotten their fill yet. Craps games still go long into the night and many casinos, and the limits rival those seen in Las Vegas. A little history of Atlantic City and what you can expect in the way of craps is available right here!

Craps in Reno

Reno was the darling of Nevada for years, and the outcast sister city of the United States when gambling was legalized in 1931. Over the years Las Vegas has stolen much of the glamor and press that Reno once had, but there are plenty of craps tables in the town’s two-dozen casinos, and you’ll find a more relaxed atmosphere with some very reasonable limits at the craps games in town. “The Biggest Little City in the World” still has much to offer, and you can prepare yourself by reading up on the current state of craps games in Reno.

What to Expect at Some US Casinos

If you’ve got an itch to play craps and wonder what you can expect at some different casinos around the United States, read on and we’ll give you a trip report on several casinos in and out of Nevada, Atlantic City, Mississippi, and more!

Iron Cross System for Craps

The Iron Cross System for Craps has the advantage of covering a great deal of possible rolls and not crushing the player with a high house edge. Dice run hot and cold, good and bad, sour and sweet, and the Iron Cross covers most of those choppy dice patterns and gives the player a chance to catch a nice streak and win some money while other players are going broke. Take a look and see if you like what you see.

Bankroll Management

As with any game of chance, the house has the advantage at craps. Make sure you treat your bankroll with respect at all times. There’s no sense in risking the groceries and half-the rent, as Roger Miller used to sing. Bet responsibly and enjoy yourself. Remember that gambling is entertainment, and you should have money set aside just for fun, don’t risk what you need for necessities.

Please Bet Responsibly

It doesn’t matter whether you are playing a live game or online, you’ll be risking real money. Before you ever start playing craps, check our left-hand navigation menu to learn all about the game of casino dice so you’ll always have the best information on your side. Information is power – use our site to get powered-up!