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Playing Real Money Craps Online – My Experience

Nothing gets the adrenalin pumping like a game of Craps in the casino. When the dice are rolling hot the Craps table becomes a hive of activity, with bets flying left and right and shooters enjoying the cheers of their peers. While I loved the buzz – it is easy to find the tables intimidating, there is simply so much action.

Once I started playing online I became more confident and competent at Craps, although I am fully aware some people are as intimidated about the online sites as I was about the Craps table. Here you can find out how I went about picking where I played online. I take you through my process of researching and selecting my sites, including the possible pitfalls you may face and the how to get money on and offline.

Where to Play Real Money Online Craps

Internet casinos are easy to find nowadays. Just searching for a game will normally bring you to a long list of casinos and review sites. Despite this online gambling must appear a somewhat intimidating to those who don’t play. You need to trust these faceless sites with both your personal and banking details. Before getting into Craps and pit games I played some online poker at college, so I guess I was used to evaluating that sort of risk although we’ve all been caught out by well publicized incidents!

When you start playing online casinos you are better off sticking to the well-known brands – all of which spread Craps. I initially stuck to the brands I knew from my poker days, although with so many coming and going in the US it’s hard now to keep track of who is legitimate and who is not, so when you see a new site that catches your interest it is best to do a bit of research.

Choosing an Online Craps Casino

First up I normally see if there are any bonuses or deals that target the game I want to play, in this case Craps, which sadly are few and far between. If I see a great value offer I might take it up if other factors are right, although be sure to check the terms and conditions first to ensure you can still play Craps without jeopardizing the bonus.

Next I look at the banking options, to make sure the site doesn’t rob me of $50 or more just to cash out a couple of hundred. You will benefit here by doing a few searches online to find out what people are saying about the site, if it has problems with slow cash-out times or even accusations of wrong-doings.

Of course this takes some filtering as there are many sore losers out there who believe the sites are rigged. All casino games are run in favor of the house and the vast majority of sites are licensed and strictly audited for fair play. It is unscrupulous operators who have cash flow issues that are the ones to avoid.

Popularity and reputation are important in online gaming. The more popular the site is, the more it shows that the players are happy with how they operate which in turn attracts more players. Because of this I’ve found widely used, reputable names like Bovada, the former Bodog, to be among the best sites.

Software Considerations When Playing Online Craps

As you become more used to online casinos you will start noticing similarities between the software clients. This is because there are several software providers out there, such as Real Time Gaming and BetSoft, who provide their casino games packages to many different sites.

While some casinos offer variations on bets, such as different Odds bets or pay outs on Field bets, most of those using the same software clients run their games the same way. Like the sites themselves popular packages are normally the ones that work the best.

On occasions you can find rare sites like 3Dice who provide their own software and are able to offer better pay outs on certain bets. While this may not be enough by itself to convince you to play there, if the software still looks great, bonuses are available and the site is proven then there’s no reason not to enjoy it.

Avoidable Pitfalls when Playing Real Money Craps

As with any industry where money is involved you will find rogue operators looking to make a quick buck. Again if you follow my earlier advice and spend a short amount of time researching the sites you can normally spot the bad ones.

While sites can turn bad they are far more likely to be showing tell-tale signs a few months in advance and the internet is generally full of people who don’t mind being vocal about their suspicions. Don’t deposit on any site you don’t trust and like any aspect of recreational gambling, do not put any amount onto a site that you are not willing to lose.

Depositing Money on to Online Casinos

Depositing cash on US facing sites does still have some challenges. Due to their interpretation of Federal legislation many banks and credit cards do not permit transactions.

As debit and credit cards are usually the most widely accepted and cheapest methods it is best to try these first, before attempting to use a pre-paid Visa card. If this fails then your site should have other options available, just check the terms to ensure you are not paying large fees just to pay.

Getting Paid your Craps Profits

Probably more importantly check the site to ensure there is a withdrawal method you are happy with. Even if you can get money online with a credit card you may struggle getting your funds back onto it as many companies do not permit it.

If the site offers check payments this is normally a good thing, although check the terms and conditions to avoid some of the huge charges out there. You also need to check that you have enough funds to withdraw or the likelihood of getting to that figure. These vary drastically between free withdrawals for no minimum, to charges over $50 for $500 minimum take out.

The opposite also applies with upper limits on withdrawals, so if you bet big ensure the site’s cap won’t seriously delay you receiving the full amount. You really need to find options that best suit the amount of money you expect to be moving offsite, without paying too much!

Ideally this should all be researched when you choose your site and before you put money online.

Real Money Craps – Why I Enjoy the Online Games

The beauty of playing Craps online is oddly enough the exact opposite to what attracts me to the live game. You can sit comfortably at home with your laptop, take your time and really learn the game. By doing this and a little research I was able to figure out how to take the bets which offer the house the lowest edge. This gives me the best chance of managing my losses while waiting for the hot streak to come along.

It was only when I started looking at the numbers I realized that betting the odds on the pass bet was a completely fair bet – it gave the house no extra edge! This is a rare thing indeed in a casino and a bet I have taking advantage of ever since.

Yes, I agree these low risk bets are not as exciting as getting 30:1 on rolling a Double 6, which actually offers a poor deal by comparison. On my hot days though, they allow me to build a solid profit and then who knows I might feel like sticking a bet one of the Prop bets on, but I’ll be having more fun by using the casinos money when I do it!

Sure, I know hot streaks never last forever and I’m fully aware in the long run it all goes back to the casino. In the meantime I’ve had fun running up a few scores, which have allowed me to enjoy the occasional weekend in Vegas where I can now stand confidently at the Craps tables.

Key Things to remember if you want to Play Online Craps

While it is true the casino will always win, it doesn’t mean you have to make it easy for them or give up your money to a rogue site. Gambling should be fun and not full of this frustration. By spending a few minutes checking the respectable sites through, choosing good software and playing where you can get your money on and off line easily, you can make online Craps an entertaining hobby.

The site I prefer to play at is who just ticks all the boxes for me. They are a popular site with a long unblemished history in the industry. Deposits are easy and withdrawals are quick and painless. While the site lacks decent bonuses for Craps players you can enjoy the rewards of its Loyalty Program.

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