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Peppermill Casino Reno
Peppermill Casino Reno

Craps at the Peppermill Casino in Reno

The Peppermill is arguably the finest casino resort in Reno, Nevada. The property has been improved and expanded each decade since the 1970’s and was recently voted “Best Hotel” and “Best Casino” by readers of Nevada Magazine.

The property, located at 2707 S Virginia St, Reno, NV 89502 is ten-minutes from the downtown area that most people think of as the gaming center (with eight large casinos), so you can’t walk to other clubs. Unfortunately, that means the restaurant prices are slightly higher, so don’t expect any $2.99 breakfasts or $6.95 New York steak deals you might have heard about in Reno casinos.

Just ten minutes from the Reno/Tahoe airport, the resort offers a north and west wing with 565 hotel rooms and suites as well as two newer towers with 886 standard rooms and 185 suites. The older rooms are traditional Reno size but are nicely accented with reasonable rates, usually below $79 per night. The towers offer larger rooms close to 400 square feet with equally reasonable rates, or you can upgrade to a suite as large as 5,000 square feet.

If you drive, I-80 to Virginia Street is one option, or take highway 395 towards Carson City and use the Plumb Lane exit and turn left on Virginia Street. You can park or valet your car for free and the resort offers a gift shop, health club, spa, swimming pool, and a free shuttle to and from the airport.

You will find 1,580 slot and video poker machines, 48 table games, and 19 poker tables in the casino, and there is also a very nice Race and Sports book with dozens of large screen TV’s. As for craps action in Reno, it’s not what it used to be twenty years ago when the Hilton and Harrah’s both had a dozen tables, but the games are fun, the action is good in the evening, and the rates are low.

Craps Action at the Peppermill

Unlike casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas, the properties in Reno don’t have enough players to keep many craps games going at any one time. In fact, most of the casinos offer just a single table during graveyard and early morning hours. Local craps players tend to hit the clubs downtown in the morning so they can wander from club to club if the dice are flat, but by late afternoon many locals are shooting dice at the Peppermill.

The Mill offers $3 craps on a single table, but by early evening all three games are often open. The limit is usually still $3 on one game, $5 on the other two. The standard maximum bet is $1,000 with double odds on the pass and come lines. On the don’t side you can take $2,400 in odds on the 6 and 8 to win $2,000; $3000 on the 5 and 9 to win $2,000; $4,000 on the 4 and 10 to win $2,000.

The Peppermill uses Central Credit/Global Cash to obtain credit information and can approve credit and marker play authorization for under $50,000 in just a few minutes. Advance paperwork saves time at the casino, but isn’t necessary. With upper-limit play history or substantial credit authorization and use, the limit on a craps game in the pit can be raised at the casino shift manager’s discretion.

The Stickman

The stickman will handle the dice and all proposition bets. Standard Northern Nevada rules apply to bets on the horn, and single roll bets are accepted (craps, any seven, hard-ways) for as little as a dollar. Horn and horn-high bets start at $5. Bets on twelve, two, and the toughest hopping hard-ways pay 30 to 1 on winners while eleven and three pay 15 to 1.

Hard-way bets are off on the come-out roll and pay 7 to 1 on the numbers 4 and 10; 9 to 1 on the numbers 6 and 8. All other proposition bets work at all times and will stay “up” after a winner.

Inside Dealers

You will find that the inside dealers at the Peppermill are smooth and experienced. They “split” their tips with all other pit dealers, so there is very little toke hustling at the craps games, but don’t forget to take care of them from time to time. They will be happy to take care of your inside bets, regardless of whether you are going $26 across to cover the place numbers, or starting with come bets as low as $3.

If you use the come-line, on repeat rolls the dealers will go off-and-on with your bet, meaning they won’t move the current bet (as long as it is the same amount) from the number, they will simply pay your winner on the come line. When a point is made, remember that your odds will be “off,” as will your place bets, buy bets, and hard-way bets. If you want them to “work” (like your don’t bet odds and lay bets), let the dealer know right away.

The Players

The other players at the craps tables in the Peppermill will be an even mix of regular local shooters and tourists. Local players know the game, know what they want to bet, and know the dealers. There is plenty of banter between the players and the dealers so don’t let that distract you. These games are serious, but fun. You can get call-bets if you have chips or cash in front of you as long as the dice are just being released, but late bets will become no-bets if you abuse the privilege.

As for “advantage” shooters or those who want to use “dice-control” be aware that Reno isn’t Atlantic City, and the boxmen expect to get rolls in. The stickman and inside dealers are likely to advise you to get the dice and shoot’em right away. They may allow you to “set the dice” if you do so very quickly. Take too long and they will refuse to allow this tactic. In addition the dealers will ask you to “roll” the dice so they hit the back wall of the table. If you constantly lob the dice and they don’t hit the wall you are likely to be skipped as a shooter. That’s the way it is in Reno at most casinos.

As for using your favorite betting system, go for it! The dealers don’t mind taking care of your place and come bets and they are experienced enough to handle your action. Pop’em with a two-way bet from time to time and tip’em when you color-up and they will be friends for life.

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